About New Zealand Children's Choral Academy



The driving force behind NZCCA (Registered Charity CC59992) is Dr Karen Grylls (CNZM) and Elise Bradley (MNZM) who have both made an indelible mark on Aotearoa’s choral community, gaining respect Internationally as choral conductors, educators, adjudicators and speakers.

They are driven by a desire to ‘pay it forward’ and, having seen the best the choral world has to offer, wish to create a legacy that champions choral singing in the lives of children in their beloved Aotearoa. They are joined by a team of passionate and experienced artistic staff and multi-talented support staff. You can read more about our staff here.


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NZCCA harnesses the wellbeing and educational powers of singing and develops the next generation of choral leaders and outstanding young choral singers. It safeguards the future of choral art in Aotearoa by developing mastery in musical pedagogy, artistry and vocal skills and by uniting musicians from all parts of the community in song.


Pursuit of mastery - we believe that dedicating yourself to the art of singing brings added meaning and enriches life
Collaborative success - our foundation rests on the idea that when people collaborate harmoniously, we can bring dreams to life
Elevating effort - inspiration is the driving force that transforms hard work and dedication into true achievement
Empowerment through education - we believe that when guided by skilled mentors and equipped with the right resources, anyone can become a champion

Why singing?

Singing in choirs is an incredible human connector. Our vision is to enable the choral community in Aotearoa, so that all children have the chance to sing and access  teachers and conductors who share inspiring  choral expertise. At NZCCA we recognise that if we want a pathway for young singers to develop and participate in our national secondary student, youth and adult choirs, they need the chance to explore the art of choral singing from an early age.


How do we achieve this?

  • Sharing expertise and providing training for Aotearoa's choral leaders of the future, empowering them to inspire children in their local region.
  • Setting up regional children’s choirs with a focus on developing excellence from an early age.
  • Exploring broad repertoire to develop an appreciation of music that represents our diverse communities.
  • Enabling children to reach for the highest level of music achievement through prestigious engagements and participating in Southern, Northern and National representative choirs.
  • Providing scholarships for whānau who face barriers to participation.

At NZCCA we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for our students, and support the work being done by Safer Spaces in music education Aotearoa.