Elizabeth Lau - Administrator & Collaborative Pianist

Elizabeth Lau, originally from Hong Kong and now proudly rooted in New Zealand, leads a vibrant career as both a freelance musician and dedicated music educator. She stands as the driving force behind Wairua Sinfonietta, a non-profit charity orchestra committed to utilizing music as a unifying force. Currently, Elizabeth holds the esteemed position of Deputy Music Director at Bach Musica NZ. 

She is delighted to collaborate with esteemed choral specialists and artistic directors, including Dr. Karen Grylls CNZM and Elise Bradley MNZM, within the New Zealand Children's Choral Academy team. The vision and syllabus of this organization resonate deeply with her musical upbringing. Elizabeth cherishes the opportunity to witness the complete cycle of musical development, recognizing its profound impact on her own artistic journey.

As a distinguished graduate of the University of Auckland, Elizabeth holds Bachelor’s degrees in composition, collaborative piano, and double bass performance, accompanied by Master’s degrees in both Choral and Orchestral Conducting. Her illustrious career has taken her across continents, conducting performances in prestigious venues worldwide and leaving an indelible mark on local institutions like the School of Music String Orchestra and the University of Auckland. Notable roles include Deputy Music Director of Auckland Choral and Music Director for the Auckland Chinese Philharmonic Choir. Elizabeth has played integral roles in pioneering projects, from assisting in the world premiere of LEN LYE in 2012 to participating in the groundbreaking opera Ihitai 'Avei'a in 2021. These endeavors vividly demonstrate her dedication to pushing musical boundaries and her remarkable versatility.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Elizabeth finds solace in immersing herself in diverse cultures through travel, indulging in the rich experiences offered by art galleries, concerts, and other cultural events, while also channeling her creativity through painting and photography.