Megan Flint - Kodaly Clinician

Megan has a background in both education and music.  Her teaching background is as a general primary school teacher including eight years as a deputy principal.  Over the past decade she has worked as a choral specialist across Years 1-13, a fulltime music specialist in the primary sector and an independent music education consultant.

Megan holds a Masters degree in Choral Conducting from The University of Auckland where she studied with Dr Karen Grylls. She has a particular passion for working with treble choirs and is the co-author of Hear Our Voices, a handbook for leaders of children’s choirs.  Megan is a board member for both the Music Education Aotearoa New Zealand Association and the Association of Choral Directors.  She presents the successful national workshop series Singing Matters for the New Zealand Choral Federation, as well as being a national conducting mentor.

Megan’s commitment to ‘music for all’ guides her passion for music education.  She is a practitioner of Kodály-inspired music education and holds the Australian Kodály Certificate with a Secondary specialisation. Megan is also an accredited lecturer for this programme in musicianship, choir, conducting and teaching pedagogy.  Through Kodály Aotearoa, Megan has coordinated numerous training programmes in Kodály Concept Music Education for teachers.  This way of teaching and thinking about music has been transformative for Megan, both personally as a musician and professionally as an educator.

In 2022, Megan began doctoral studies at the University of Auckland in Music Education, investigating the role of the generalist teacher in primary music education in Aotearoa New Zealand.  Her goal is to ensure that all teachers and students can access and acquire knowledge and experiences that enable them to engage with music knowledgeably: as performers, creators, listeners and innovators. 

Megan is a past member of the New Zealand Youth Choir and currently sings with Voices New Zealand.